Total Project Management Solutions was established in year 1999 as an outsourcing center to provide unbundled project support services to Middle East based construction organizations. Such services included planning, scheduling, cost estimating, risks assessment, project execution plans, claims management etc. Increadibly accelerated growth of construction industry in Middle East during 2005 till 2009 and commencement of mega projects in Pakistan encouraged a small organization to gather and align its resources and provide Total Project Management Solutions.

TPMS was formally incorporated as a private limited company under SECP in February 2007.

Our Vision

Provide practical and economical solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of the client in achieving their objectives. Proactive in adopting latest technologies, emerging trends and international codes of practices and ethics.

Protect and retain the most valuable asset; our employees. Welcome suitably qualified and experienced professionals, honor their dedication, encourage creativity and provide extremely conductive working environment, state-of-the-art technology and appropriate training to perform their tasks efficiently, accurately and objectively.